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iOS App Development Trends 2019

The release of iOS 12 revealed fantastic features, making the iOS competitive platform in the industry. You can make your IOS device more surprising by discovering the most leading IOS app development trends. It’s the user and the usage that drives the creation, new development trends and ideas to run into growing demand with technology.

The AI-Based Siri:
Since the latest Sirikit can do such integration and the user can promptly access the features of an app with the help of Siri, what’s new and more, The AI-based personal assistant is becoming smarter day by day. Siri suggests you shortcut key for deliberating specific actions. One can implement these shortcuts through voice commands.

Integration of AR/ VR:
IOS 12 has released ARKIT 2 which includes object detection feature, measurement of objects through hovering over your iPad or iPhone over it and moreover enhanced face tracking. It will countenance the iOS developers to create multiplayer games.

The launch of Swift 5:
Launching with swift 5 has many features but the core feature is ABI (Application Binary Interface). Swift 5 will also support Linux OS, Besides iOS. With the introduction of Swift 5, it is necessary to with knowledge of latest Swift trends.

Apple home-kit:Apple home kit will be providing a smart home with a single command. Turning light on and off by using your iPad or iPhone, the smart key to your smart home and lot more characteristics. Home automation features will be accessible remotely, a user can store all the device information in a single file where one can be accessed from cloud storage to any device.

The world IOT:
IOS has already introduced the IoT ecosystem known as Home Kit which is secure and offers various opportunities to developers for creating a connection with various IoT devices

What is the need to upgrade and go with the latest trends
In today’s each and everyone wants something new. Therefore companies need to keep up-to-date with the latest upgrade to stay relevant. Customers want the latest ios app trends so upgrading with the latest trend will be winning competition towards customer experience.

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